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Professor. Ph.D.

Awards Received
2009.6 ACM SIGMOD Edgar F. Codd Innovations Award for contributions to high-performance database technology.
2010.6 PAKDD Distinguished Contribution Award
2012.12  ACM Fellow
2012.12  IEEE Fellow
2013.11  Medal with Purple Ribbon
2015.12  C&C Award
2015.12  SNIA's Hall of Fame and Profiles in Achievement
2016.10  Legion of Honour Chevalier, France

Recent Research Activities
1996-2002  Member of VLDB Trustee
1997-1998 Chair of IEICE (The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers) Data Engineering Technical Group (SIG-DE Chair)
1997- IEEE TCDE (Technical Committee on Data Enginnering) Asian Coordinator
1999 Program co-chair of IEEE ICDE99 (Int. Conf. on Data Enginnering)
1999- ACM SIGMOD JAPAN Chapter chair
2000 General co-chair of PAKDD2000 (Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining)
2000 Steering committee member of PAKDD
2001- SNIA-J (Storage Networking Industry Association-Japan Forum) Advisor
2002 General co-chair of WAIM2002 (Int. Conf. on Web Aged Information Management)
2002- Steering committee member of WAIM
2002- Director of DBSJ (Database Society of Japan)
2002- Director of IPSJ (Information Processing Society of Japan)
2004 Program co-chair of MDM2004 (Int. Conf. on Mobile Data Management)
2004.Mar. Fellow of IPSJ
2005 General co-chair of IEEE ICDE 2005 (The 21st International Conference on Data Engineering)
2005. Sep. Fellow of IEICE
2005. Nov. Program co-chair of The 6th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE2005)
2006. Jan. General chair of The 8th Asia Pacific Web Conference (APWeb '06)
2006. Apr. Program co-chair of The 10th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining(PAKDD 2006)
2006. May General co-chair of The 7th International Conference on Mobile Data Management(MDM '06)
2006. Jun. Program co-chair of The 7th International Conference on Web-Age Information Management(WAIM'06)
2007. Apr. Area chair of ICDE2007
2007. Apr. Program Chair of IPSJ 70th National Convention
2007. May - Director of IEICE Tokyo Chapter
2007. Sep.- Guest Professor of Dalian University of Technology
2007. Sep. 19 Chair of the study group for proposing new styles of economy, society and culture during "The age of Information Grand Voyage" at METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
2007. Dec. IEEE ICDE Steering Committee Secretary
2008. May Vice President of IPSJ
2008 Vice Program Chair(Data Mining) World Wide Web Conference, Beijing, China, 2008
2008 Co-program chair for CoopIS2008, 2-7 November 2008, Monterrey, Mexico
2009 General Chair for PAKDD09, Bangkok, Thailand, 2009
2009. Mar.- Vice President of Advanced Language Information Forum (ALAGIN)
2010 WAIM (Web-Age Information Management) Awards & Advisory Board (AAB)
2010.4 Director of Earth Observation Data Integration and Fusion Research Initiative (EDITORIA)
2011.5 Vice President of IEICE
2013.4 Director General, National Institute of Informatics
2013.6 President, Information Processing Society of Japan

Research Interest
Database, Data Mining, Data Warehouse
  High Performance Data Warehouse
  Parallel Data Base Processing
  Speculative Transaction
Storage System
  High Performance Disk Array based on reference of locality
  High Performance Tape Array
Digital Earth
  Tens of terabytes digital earth( see our HP)
  Visualization on Virtual Reality System

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