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Leave Name Title of Thesis M/D
2024.03 Masato Neishi Effective Training Methods for Practical Neural Machine Translation Doctorial Course
Yuma Tsuta Diversity-Aware Evaluation Methods for Open-Domain Dialogue Systems Doctorial Course
Kousuke Nishida Dynamic Adaptation of Pre-trained Language Models by Retrieving Textual Knowledge Doctorial Course
Hiroto Akatsuka 大規模モビリティデータに基づく社会活動のモデリング手法 Doctorial Course
Jin Sakuma Doctorial Course
Hiroki Shimizu Doctorial Course
Jyunichiro Tsuchiya Master's Course
Lianhao Yu Non-literal Neural Machine Translation By Exploiting Non-literal Bitext Master's Course
Ryota Kitabayashi Twitter を用いた COVID-19 ワクチン接種の 継続性に関係する情報共有行動の分析 Master's Course
Yuya Miura GPU直接入出力を用いたデータベース問合せ実行方式に関する研究 Master's Course
Shriya Bhatija Internship Student
2023.09 Satoshi Kawasaki Doctorial Course
2023.03 Takehiko Kyono Improving Style Consistency of Documents by Using Outlier Detection and Style Transfer Based on Style Disentanglement Master's Course
Tiyajamorn Nattapong Noise-Tolerant Multimodal Sentiment Analysis using Modal-Independent Classifiers Master's Course
Meguru Takasaki 教師なし対話文脈抽出に基づく長期間の対話履歴を活用した雑談応答生成 Master's Course
Fumikazu Sato Doctorial Course
2022.09 Tomoaki Nakamura 文脈を考慮したニューラル音声認識誤り訂正 Master's Course
2022.03 Satoshi Akasaki Early Recognition of Emerging and Disappearing Entities in Microblogs for Entity-based Social Listening Doctorial Course
Natsuko Nakamura Low-Resource Multimodal Machine Translation Based on Image-Aware Back-Translation and Perturbation Master's Course
Nobumasa Ishida Extracting Potential Areas with Community-Acquired Infections of COVID-19 Using Fine-Grained Spatiotemporal Population Data Master's Course
Shohei Hisamitsu TwitterユーザのCOVID-19ワクチン接種に対するスタンスおよびその分極化の推移に関する分析 Master's Course
Hiroki Yuasa データ構造へのシノプシス埋込みによる近似問合せ手法の研究 Master's Course
Koki Kato 非集約型ストレージアーキテクチャに於ける 問合せ処理方式に関する研究 Master's Course
Wang Yao Visually-Guided Named Entity Recognition by Grounding Words with Images via Retrieval Master's Course
Yimou Liao Early Detection of Fact Check-worthy Tweets by Using User Reactions Master's Course
Wei Aoxue Master's Course
2021.12 Joshua Benjamin Tanner Internship Student
2021.03 Takumi Ohmae A Method for Analyzing Cross-Ideological Information Sharing among Microblog Users to Understand Political Polarization in Japan Master's Course
Haosen Zhan Cross-Lingual Transfer Learning between Distant Languages by Capturing Word Orders Master's Course
Weikun Ma Learning to Generate Personalized Chat Responses via Multi-task Learning with Personality Prediction Master's Course
Yuehao Yuan L1-aware Grammatical Error Correction via Multitasking with Native Language Estimation Master's Course
Tianchi Zuo Text Simplification Evaluation Using Pre-trained Model Fine-tuned on Simplified Sentence Detection Master's Course
Hiroki Isokawa Detecting and Analyzing Change Points in Urban Dynamics Using Population and Facility Location Data Master's Course
Ryotaro Tsukada Forecasting Population at Gathering Places \with Microblog Posts Referring to Future Events Master's Course
2020.03 Takaaki Sanjyo Variational Auto-Encoder on Stiefel Space Master's Course
Yutaro Bessho A Study on Analytical Parallel Database Systems with Dynamic Fault Tolerance Master's Course
Nobukazu Fukuda Computing embeddings for unknown words using their surface similarity to known words Master's Course
Amane Sugiyama Context-aware Neural Machine Translation Exploiting Monolingual Corpora by Back-translation and Language Modeling Master's Course
Xuan Wu Research Student
2019.09 Yuta Takayasu Master's Course
2019.03 Kazuhiko Yasuda Generating Adversarial Examplesfrom Diverse Text using Denoising Autoencoder Master's Course
Boming Luo A Study on Energy Consumption Modelsof Analytics Query Processing Master's Course
Satoshi Tohda Unsupervised Speaker Identi cationof Quotes in Literary Text Master's Course
2018.09 Yuichi Tanikawa Master's Course
Jun Suzuki I/Oデバイスの分離アーキテクチャに関する研究 Doctorial Course
2018.08 Simon Klimek Exchange student
2018.03 Kohei Ohara Dialogue-Act-Based Neural Conversation Model Master's Course
Jian Chen Reducing Bias in A/B Testing on Social Network Services Master's Course
Yuki Sato A Study on Performance Testing of Shingled Magnetic Recording Disk Drives by the Use of IO Traces Master's Course
2017.03 Tatsuya Iwanari Learning to Order Concepts for Inferring Values of Social Media Users Master's Course
Mika Koizumi On-demand Retrieval from Microblogsbased on Posting Contexts Master's Course
2016.03 Chihiro Kato A Study on Database Query Optimization with Awareness of Aging Locality Master's Course
Takashi Kawamoto Analysis and Detection of Information Cascades with Social Influence from Microblogs Master's Course
Ryo Kojima A Study on Vehicle Recorder Analysis for Understanding Risk of Roads Master's Course
2016.01 Taiki Hasegawa Students
2015.03 Yu Suzuki Geolocation Estimation of Microbloggers Utilizing Their Recent Posts Master's Course
Yuma Maki Detecting Unknown Entities from Text Streams Master's Course
Naohiro Ito Inducing Generalized Inference Rules by Using Thesaurus and Massive Text Master's Course
Shouta Shimizu Identifying Spam Users in Microblogs based on Structural and Temporal Features in Their Social Interactions Master's Course
Kun Liu Improving the Resource Utilisation in MapReduce Master's Course
2014.10 Yong Ren Minimally Supervised Approaches to Emotion Classification using Unlabeled Data Doctorial Course
Wenliang Gao Sentiment Analysis Using Polarity Bias and Correlation Doctorial Course
2014.03 Hiroki Okamoto Research on User Recommendation in Microblogs Based on Users' Interactions and Contents Master's Course
Keisuke Suzuki A Study on Acceleration Techniques for Query Processing of Large Database Systems on SSDs Master's Course
Kei Tsuchiya Detecting Train Troubles and Predicting Their Impacts from Microblogs Master's Course
Toshiaki Kurihara Obtaining Information of Schedule Changes and Their Impact in Text Data Master's Course
Toshiharu Nishina Ordering Concepts from Various Viewpoints by using Large-scale Web Text Master's Course
2013.09 Yanhui Gu Research on Efficient Similar Sentence Extraction Doctorial Course
2013.03 Sven Groot Research on efficient resource utilization in data intensive distributed systems Doctorial Course
Wataru IShida A Study on Runtime Load Balancing for Data Intensive Applications Exploiting Access Locality Master's Course
Shohei Okudera Research on Adopting Adaptive Index in Large Distributed Computing Environment Master's Course
Naoya Nakashima Acquiring Time-Speci c Event Chains from Time-Series Text Master's Course
Takayuki Hasegawa Predicting and Evoking Listener's Emotion in Online Dialogue Master's Course
2012.03 Geerajit Rattanaritnont A Study on Patterns of Information Cascades in Microblogs based on Distributions of Users’ Influence and Posting Behaviors Master's Course
Xingtian Shi Tag Recommendation in Photo Sharing Services based on Multi-Granular Context Dependency Master's Course
Tomohide Fujikawa Discovering Topics from Microblogs and Classifying Users' Attitude Towards the Truth of the Topics Master's Course
Yohei Takaku Classi cation of Semantic Relations between Named Entities based on Constancy and Uniqueness Master's Course
Tatsuya Nakamura A Study on Distributed Filtering Method for Join Processing in Wireless Sensor Database Systems Master's Course
Hongguang Zheng Classification of Microblog Posts Based on Information Publicness Master's Course
2011.09 Yasuhiro Fujiwara Efficient Sequence Data Analysis with Hidden Markov Models Doctorial Course
2011.03 Young-Joo Chung Chung A Study on the Evolution and Emergence of Web Spam Doctorial Course
Yongkun Wang Research on High Performance Database Management Systems with Solid State Disks Doctorial Course
Hideaki Muramoto Inducing Semantic Category Classifier Using Large Scale Web Data Master's Course
Tetsuya Kamijo Organizing Images on CGM for Social Analysis Master's Course
2010.03 Takumi Kida 検索クエリの時間変化を考慮したクラスタリングに関する研究 Master's Course
Haruka Yamane 画像類似度に基づくリンク解析を用いたCGM画像ランキング手法に関する研究 Master's Course
2009.09 Faizal Kurniawan Master's Course
2009.03 Takashi Hoshino Doctorial Course
Lin Li Enhancing Web Search by Personalized Re-ranking and Related Keyword Suggestion Doctorial Course
Shirou Tabuchi 共起情報に基づく大規模コーパスからの語義の発見手法 Master's Course
2008.03 Haruka Hirai Master's Course
Ken-ichi Fukushima Master's Course
2007.03 Katsumi Takahashi ジオワード・マイニングを用いたローカルサーチの研究 Doctorial Course
Yuya Ueno 省電力型問い合わせデータベース問い合わせ実行方式の研究 Master's Course
Yasuhiro Yoshida Wikipediaを用いた人物名の曖昧性解消 Master's Course
BinShuang Hang ウェブにおける有向サイトグラフからのスパム発見に関する研究 Master's Course
2006.03 Hiroshi Ono リンク解析を用いたウェブ上のスパム発見手法に関する一考察 Master's Course
Hidenori Tamba ウェブのリンク構造を用いて話題の時系列変化を分析及び可視化する手法に関する研究 Master's Course
Yifei Tao A Study on Dynamic Performance Provisioning in Storage Virtualization Facility Master's Course
Yukou Takahashi Master's Course
2005.09 Alpay Erdem Doctorial Course
2005.03 Shigeru Fujimura Webからの評判情報抽出に関する研究 Master's Course
2004.03 Iko Pramudiono Parallel Platform for Large Scale Web Usage Mining Doctorial Course
2003.03 Masashi Abe テキスト情報とリンク構造解析を用いたWeb情報検索の改善手法に関する研究 Master's Course
Yuichi Yokoyama SANを用いた仮想化ストレージとその自律的負荷分散機構 Master's Course
Satoshi Yoshida ウェブコミュニティとウェブディレクトリの相互評価に関する研究 Master's Course
2002.03 Yusuke Oura Webアクセスログのクラスタリングによる問合わせ拡張支援に関する研究 Master's Course
2001.09 Hisham Feelifl Online Data Placement Reorganization for Parallel Database Systems Doctorial Course
2001.03 Takahiro Yasui 大規模PCクラスタ上の並列データベースシステムにおける動的負荷分散方式に関する研究 Dr.,Master Course
Kenji Ishii 関係データベース処理系 DBKernel における複数問合せ同時実行機構に関する研究 Master's Course
2000.09 Seigo Muto Dr.,Master Course
2000.03 Takeshi Ozawa 投機的トランザクション実行手法の性能評価に関する研究 Master's Course
Kagehiro Mukai 問合せ実行木を利用したディスクプリフェッチに関する研究 Master's Course
1999.03 Takahiko Araya データマイニングの並列処理に関する研究 Doctorial Course
Satoshi Inami 高機能ディスクにおけるアクセスプランを用いたプリフェッチ機構に関する研究 Master's Course
Masatoshi Tamura 並列相関ルールマイニング処理における動的負荷制御手法に関する研究 Master's Course
1998.03 Toshiaki Saeki 関係データベースによる相関ルールマイニングの研究 Master's Course
1997.07 Stephen B. Davis Doctorial Course
1997.03 Kazuhiko Mogi 参照局所性を利用したディスクアレイの高性能化手法に関する研究 Doctorial Course
Hiro-omi Imai 分散共有メモリ並列計算機上における結合演算処理方式の研究 Master's Course
Shinya Murayama Master's Course
1996.03 Ken-ichiro Ayukawa Master's Course
1995.03 Minoru Nakamura 並列関係問合せ処理の実行方式とその実装並びに性能評価に関する研究 Doctorial Course
Kazuhiko Sako NOAA気象衛星画像の格納を目的とした超大容量ファイルシステムの構築 Master's Course
1994.03 Masanobu Harada Doctorial Course
Manabu Kitamura 並列データベースシミュレータによる関係演算処理方式の研究 Master's Course
Kazuo Takahashi Master's Course
1993.03 Kazuhiko Matsumoto Dr.,Master Course
Hideaki Okada 超並列計算機におけるソートを用いた関係データベース処理に関する研究 Master's Course
1992.03 Satoshi Hirano 高並列関係データベースサーバに於けるシステムソフトウェアの研究 Doctorial Course
Yuichi Aiba Master's Course
Kazuhiro Suzuki 高並列データベースサーバの性能評価支援システムに関する研究 Master's Course
1991.03 Shin-ichiro Tsudaka Master's Course
1990.03 WeiKang Yang ハードウェアソータを用いた並列データベースマシンの研究 Doctorial Course
1989.03 Masaya Nakayama 高速演算処理方式に基づく関係データベース処理システムの構成に関する研究 Doctorial Course


Leave Name Position Current Status
2024.03 Yuto Hayamizu Specially Appointed Research Associate
Daisuke Oba Specially Appointed Researcher 株式会社 ELYZA
Hiroyuki Yamada Specially Appointed Researcher 株式会社 Scalar
Akio Yamamoto Specially Appointed Research Associate
Akihito Kakou Specially Appointed Researcher
2023.12 Toshihiro Nemoto Associate Professor
2023.03 Hongshan Jin Specially Appointed Researcher
2022.03 Shoetsu Sato Specially Appointed Researcher エアフレンド株式会社
Masaya Hotta Specially Appointed Researcher 日立製作所
Kazuto Igarashi Specially Appointed Researcher 日立製作所
2021.03 Choji Iijima Specially Appointed Researcher 日立製作所(帰任)
Jumpei Sato Specially Appointed Researcher 日立製作所(帰任)
Haichuan Shang Specially Appointed Research Associate
2020.10 Hitomi Sano Specially Appointed Researcher
2020.03 Shonosuke Ishiwatari Specially Appointed Researcher Mantra
2019.08 Junpei Komiyama Research Associate New York University Stern School of Business
2019.03 Hiroko Kinutani Specially Appointed Researcher
Akihiro Okuno Specially Appointed Researcher
2018.03 Saeko Oshiba Research Fellow
2016.03 Nobuhiro Kaji Specially Appointed Associate Professor Yahoo! JAPAN研究所
Misa Oyanagi Project Researcher
2015.03 mamoru sugie Project Researcher
2014.05 Kenji Matsubara Project Researcher
2014.03 Takayuki Tamura Collaborative Researcher Mitsubishi Electric
Norifumi Nishikawa Collaborative Researcher 日立製作所
Zhenglu Yang Specially Appointed Associate Professor 南開大学
2013.11 Miyuki Nakano Specially Appointed Associate Professor 芝浦工業大学
2013.06 Y_lmaz Turgay Assistant Researcher
2009.07 Anirban Mondal Specially Appointed Research Associate
2009.03 Reiko Hamada Specially Appointed Research Associate
2008.12 Takeshi Sagara Research Associate 情報試作室
2008.09 Kulwadee Somboonviwat PosDoc Researcher King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
2008.03 Qu Wenyu Partnership Researcher
2006.09 Botao Wang Partnership Researcher 中国東北大学
2005.11 Wang Yitong Partnership Researcher
2005.10 Noriko Imafuji Partnership Researcher
2005.09 GuangZhong Liu Visiting Researcher China University of Mining and Technology
2002.03 P. Krishna Reddy PosDoc Researcher International Institute of Information Technology,Hyderabad
Lawrence Mutenda Funded Researcher Goldman Sachs
2001.02 Tokio Kikuchi Domestic Researcher Kochi University
2000.04 SangKeun Lee Research Fellow Korea University
2000.03 Takahiko Aratani Assistant Researcher Hitachi
1991.03 Lilian Harada PosDoc Researcher Fujitsu Laboratory